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DANIELI Awarded Global Orders

2022-09-02 08:00:00 717

DANIELI Awarded Global Orders

Recently, CQPI partici
pated in the bidding for the metallurgical project of DANIELI, a globally-recognized metallurgical player from Italy, and successively won obtained full descaling system of a famous steel plant in China and descaling pump system of a known steel plant in South Africa, getting a first DANIELI global orders, forming a remarkable market bloom both domestic and overseas. The final conclusion of these two orders is an important achievement from recent mutual trust and frequent visits between management of both parties in practical strategical cooperation. It also marks a successful breakthrough for actual transactions since CQPI enters DANIELI global system as expected.


It is learnt that this order package mainly focuses on the high-pressure water descaling system with the descaling pump unit system as the core integration , which is CQPI dominant product, directly supplied to DANIELI China and DANIELI Global, amounting nearly RMB 40 million . The order of South African steel plant is another significant overseas progress ince CQPI last direct supply to HRM descaling system of POSCO, another global steel plant in South Korea, which fully demonstrates unique technical advantages and global influence of CQPI in the area of steel descaling.


"It has been my long-standing desire and goal to enter Danieli for deepened cooperation," said a senior technical engineer of CQPI, "The CQPI high-pressure water descaling system has covered over 90% customers in China as a first choice, in which we take high pride. However, this is not enough. Our vision is to provide satisfactory solutions for global steel mill customers with reliable products and excellent services. The cooperation with DANIELI, absolutely out of doubt, make our pace forward further. We extend our sincere thanks to Danieli for its good opportunity and valuable trust given to CQPI, and we have to catch it."

Established in 1914, DANIELI is a metallurgical equipment manufacturer with a history of over 100 years. It is also one of top 3 well-known metallurgical equipment manufacturers in the globe. Headquartered in Italy, DANIELI has factories or offices in 17 countries including China around the world, with a total employee of nearly 6000 people. CQPI is a professional pump manufacturer with over 70 years history in China. Since its establishment in 1951, CQPI has been committed to the development of industrial applications of medium and high-end pump and systems both volumetric and centrifugal, with wide and mature global exports in iron and steel metallurgy, petrochemical, mining and metallurgy energy and other fields in more than 30 countries and regions. The high-pressure descaling system, as one of CQPI star products, has been taking a predominant role in this area in terms of technology, economy, benefit and competitiveness, domestically in China and actively in world.(Source & English-YYG)